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Residential & Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claim Disputes

Property Damage Insurance Claim Attorney in Miami >> If your property sustains damage due to fire, water leaks, mold, hurricane / windstorm, or vandalism/theft it can be disastrous. The cost of repairs can be overwhelming, it may take a long time to effectuate those repairs, and depending upon the extent of the damage, you may even be forced to even leave your property. The goal for most property owners is to repair their property as soon as possible and move on with their lives. Policy holders justifiably look to their property insurance companies to accomplish this goal. Why else would they pay insurance premiums?

However, for many policy holders the property damage insurance claim process can be more frustrating than the property damage itself. Countless horror stories exist where the insurance company:

1.- Blames the damage to property on something the property owner did or did not do, and tries to avoid paying insurance benefits on that basis;
2.- Informs the property owner that part of their claim is covered under the policy, but that the insurance company will not pay anything because the insurance company’s estimate of the damage to the property is less than the policy holder’s deductible;
3.- Requests voluminous and irrelevant personal financial records from the policy holder as part of the insurance company’s investigation;
4.- Refuses to respond to the policy holder or to render a final claims decision for months; Or
5.- Otherwise denies any coverage for the claim based upon confusing policy language, which is not relevant to the claim.

In Florida the property damage insurance claim process is governed by the terms, conditions, exclusions, endorsements, and limitations of the policy holder’s property insurance policy, as well as a body of state statutes and thousands of judicial decisions which interpret the application of those statutes to each claim. Your property insurance company is familiar with these laws and will use them to their advantage in their investigation and adjustment of your property damage claim. Further, your actions and inactions with respect to your property insurer’s adjustment and investigation of your property damage claim may detrimentally impact your recovery of claim benefits from your insurance company. 

That is why you need an experienced and aggressive property damage insurance claim litigation attorney to help you navigate the complicated insurance claim process and obtain just compensation for your property damage claim efficiently and quickly, especially if your property damage claim is denied or underpaid by your insurance company. I personally investigated, litigated, and successfully resolved hundreds of residential and commercial property damage insurance claims in Florida involving tens of millions of dollars and on behalf of some of the largest property insurance companies in Florida and the world. This is my specialization, and the focus of my practice. 

Consequently, I am intimately familiar with the tactics employed by property insurance carriers in investigating, delaying, underpaying, and defending against property damage insurance claims, as well as the law underlying them. Allow me to use that knowledge and experience to help you obtain just compensation quickly and efficiently for your property and your business. Contact me now for a free case evaluation. All property damage insurance matters are handled on a contingency basis, so you will pay me nothing unless and until we recover money from your insurance company via settlement or judgment. No recovery, no fees or costs.

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