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Business Interruption Claim Disputes

Business Interruption Claim Disputes Attorney in Miami >> Serious property damage can cause an interruption in your business which disrupts the flow of income and profit to your business. Business interruption insurance is intended to return to the insured’s business the amount of profit it would have earned had there been no interruption of the business. Generally, to recover under a business interruption policy, the insured must prove that:

∙ It sustained damage to property that is covered under the policy and that the damage was caused by a covered cause of loss;
∙ That there was an interruption to the business (“suspension of operations”) which was caused by the property damage;
∙ That there was an actual loss of business income during the period of time necessary to restore the business (“period of restoration”); and
∙ That the loss of income was caused by the interruption of the business and not by some other factor or factors.

The determination of a business interruption loss requires an expert opinion regarding the reasonable period of restoration, and a complex analysis of business and financial records, such as profit and loss statements, income tax returns, and business expense reports. Pursuant to my experience in business and law, I am well-suited to prosecuting the rights of business owners to help them seek a full recovery of their business interruption benefits. Contact me, an experienced business interruption claim disputes attorney, for a free case evaluation. All insurance matters are handled on contingency, so you will pay me nothing unless and until we recover money from your insurance company via settlement or judgment. No recovery, no fees or costs.

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