Bad Faith Litigation Attorney in Miami and Florida

Bad Faith Litigation Attorney

Bad Faith Litigation Attorney in Miami >> Insurance companies and their agents and representatives owe contractual and statutory duties to their policy holders. If your insurance company and/or their agents either negligently or intentionally breach or violate one of these duties, they are acting in “bad faith,” and they may be liable to you for damages, reasonable attorney’s fees, and costs.

The most common forms of bad faith conduct perpetuated by property insurance companies and their agents is as follows:

∙ Unreasonable claim denial;
∙ Improper claim delay;
∙ Not attempting in good faith to settle claims;
∙ Failing to promptly settle claims;
∙ Failing to acknowledge and act promptly with the insured upon communications with respect to claims;
∙ Failing to clearly explain the nature of the information requested from the insured and the reasons why such information is necessary;
∙ Failing to promptly notify the insured of any additional information necessary for the processing of a claim; and
∙ Failing to timely pay undisputed amounts of partial or full benefits owed to the insured.

If you believe your insurance company or their agents have violated one of the above referenced duties, then contact me now for a free case evaluation. I used to defend property insurance companies when they were accused of bad faith practices, and I have seen first hand how often these violations take place. Allow me to help you obtain just compensation if you are a victim of your own insurance company’s bad faith practices. Contact me now for a free case evaluation. All insurance matters are handled on contingency, so you will pay me nothing unless and until we recover money from your insurance company via settlement or judgment. No recovery, no fees or costs.

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